At Naqvi & Siddiquie, we believe the best architecture comes from a combination of all the elements that separately comprise and inform the character of a building: from the structure that holds it up, the services, its lighting, its form, the way we move around it or through it, the relationship of the design to its surroundings, to its ability to lift the human spirits. By collaborating creatively from the beginning of a project, our team combine their trusted expertise and reliable knowledge to devise integrated design solutions.

We consider Naqvi & Siddiquie as one of the oldest pioneers of architectural design services in Pakistan and we continue to strive to be the best architecture company. We offer our architectural design and planning services to both Public and Private clients.




Landscape Architecture

As we experience the world changing at fast pace, the connection between nature and humans is being reconsidered, and the key is landscape design. Naqvi & Siddiquie offers one of the best landscape architecture and design services. We leverage our trusted expertise and reliable design skills to engage in landscape projects of various sizes all across Pakistan, from private gardens to public spaces and masterplans.

As a fully integrated design firm, our landscape design and architectural design are linked to the building and engineering systems. We strive to create spaces that are special, unique, yet are in harmony with the whole. We offer our landscape design consultancy services while considering public and private as well as interior and exterior relationships that are important for creating attractive, active designs.

At Naqvi & Siddiquie, we take our interior designing services and transform spaces to their best potential. We offer best interior design services to design interior spaces for living and working. Performance in interior spaces can be measured in simple terms: higher creativity, greater productivity and innovation, increased sales and customer satisfaction. We cater to these factors in our trusted and reliable interior architecture services. Our designers and partners work collaboratively to deliver innovative and quality interior designs. We strive to be the best interior design company in our region and promise to deliver high quality and impressive interior solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.


Interior Architecture


Urban Design & Planning

Designing at a large urban scale is a complex task, whether it involves a masterplan for a city, a neighbourhood, or planning a new public space or system. Our team, associates and partners combine reliable and trusted expertise and skills, working together to create thriving and resilient environments. At Naqvi & Siddiquie, we are famous for our trusted urban planning services. Our practice is both broad and specific with expertise across all urban disciplines - master planning services, campus master planning, town planning, landscape architecture, sustainability, parks and community planning.

We work all across Pakistan on a broad range of projects. We provide our trusted and reliable expertise to assist our clients in their planning efforts, ranging from the macro-level (towns, campuses, multiple sites) to the micro-level (spaces, facility, buildings).

Our trusted team, partners and associates have vast experience with structural engineering services and structural design consulting services in Pakistan. We hold experience in tall and complex buildings, and have trusted knowledge of seismic design and analysis.

Beautiful and functional design can become meaningless unless the building is safe and secure in terms of its structure and structural integrity. We use advanced technology to design and implement each project. Our team works collaboratively with other disciplines to provide a well-coordinated solution and design within the clients requirements.


Structure Engineering


MEP Engineering

We provide a vast range of MEP system designs as well as MEP consulting services for all building types. Our services include mechanical engineering design, electrical engineering design and plumbing engineering design services and consultancy. Our goal is to provide solid and efficient solutions that achieve project goals and satisfaction of clients. 

We make sure all our designs follow appropriate building codes and facility guidelines on security and safety. At Naqvi & Siddiquie we strive to produce sustainable designs that not only meet the project requirements, but exceeds clients expectations.

At Naqvi & Siddiquie, we partner with reliable and trusted associates to work collaboratively with our design team to deliver the best environmental engineering design and consultancy services.

Our expert environmental engineering team designs building systems that are not only efficient but also reduce energy and water consumption and wastage. Our environmental engineering design focuses to enhance user comfort and ensures indoor environment quality.

Our environmental engineering services include environmental impact analysis, environmental measurements, environmental remediation, water quality modeling, air quality, climate and greenhouse gases analysis.


Environmental Engineering


Construction Project Management

Naqvi & Siddiquie seeks creative ways to meet our client’s specific needs. In a project, the budget, schedule and quality can remain constant, but we dive deeper to determine the right delivery method. We are a trusted and reliable partner that understands each unique delivery method and how to help our clients implement the best and most appropriate one. From turnkey, development to privatisation model projects, we offer our project management services and consultancy to cater to any needs.

At Naqvi & Siddiquie, our construction management teams have several resources and tools in our expertise and skills to manage our client’s project effectively. We understand the operational needs of our clients to deliver finished project. We offer top supervision services, detail supervision services, design supervision services amongst our portfolio of services.

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